Friday, 8 June 2012

The Hitlist #4: Sealed Watch by Boat

Customisation and the search for individual, one-of-a-kind pieces has always been a big factor for me when it comes to fashion, especially with accessories. So discovering Be Optimistic and Thankful (boat) was a real treat! I really admire the way they’ve involved their audience in the creative process from choosing the casing of the watch to selecting their chosen dial and strap. Leo Chiu and Siu Man are the creative brains behind this innovative timepiece. Their design was inspired by the ancient Chinese tradition of using personalised sealed stamps as signatures in official documents and letters.

The unique thing about a boat watch is the face, made of high grade wax which is stamped with specially designed seals. Currently they offer a choice of 7 different wax colours, but with a concept like this the possibilities are truly endless. So how much do you think it would cost for one of these beauties? Probably not as much as you think, each watch is priced at just $85 which I think is quite reasonable considering how much control you have in terms of the final product.

For more info and of course to order your own boat Sealed Watch, check out Be Optimistic and Thankful

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